I started going to Brighton Chiropractic years ago when Dr. Murphy first purchased the practice. I’ve had excellent results from my chiropractic care. Dr. Murphy always answers any questions that I have, he will take as long as it takes so that I understand everything. He’s the best, I wouldn’t go to anyone else.
– Christine Bonanni

I love that Dr. Murphy takes such a personal interest in my treatment. I had some trouble with my claims because I was in an accident with no fault insurance and he went above and beyond writing letters for me. He really put forth the extra effort and helped me out with things that you wouldn’t usually get from a regular doctor’s office. I’m back to work after being out on disability and its all thanks to him.
– John Wesley

I come to Brighton Chiropractic once a month and I’m always in and out, my appointments are on time and everyone is professional. They’ve helped me maintain an active lifestyle and I know the treatments are going to continue to help me.

– John Hogle

Dr. Murphy is my lifesaver, I bow down to him for helping me as much as he has. People call
chiropractors “back-crackers” but they’re the only ones that really get in there and fix the problem.
Whenever my back becomes unbearable that’s when I call Dr. Murphy for an alignment. He has a great
bedside manner and he’s always professional. I’ve learned a lot from him about my ailments and how
everything is connected. He’s a great guy and I’m not just saying that, I know that he’s always there for

– Robert Giardina

For 10 years now I’ve been coming to Dr. Murphy and I couldn’t be happier with the care I’ve received.
The office staff makes it easy for me to call and get an appointment and once I’m there I know I’ll see
Dr. Murphy right away. He’s very knowledgeable and I appreciate that he always explains his plan of
care. I’ve recommended him to all of my family and friends.
– Chris Garcia

I’ve been coming to Dr. Murphy since he took over the practice over 20 years ago and he’s been a gift.
He’s always dependable, even off schedule he can be reached and accessed easily. One time he came in
on a Saturday when I had something wrong with my leg, I could hardly walk and he came all the way
from home to the office to take care of me. My chiropractic care is one of the staples in my whole
healthcare plan and I’m so glad that Dr. Murphy is a part of that plan.

– Sister Marlene Vigna